martes, 3 de mayo de 2011

'll Put demented.

Because I'm going to be taking a lot demented, I hope you pass it cool there, know that your sister here will have to wait for you with open arms, because I'll take demented night together, our stupidities, the tell you anything, help me to continue conversation with whom you and I know because I cried when you've been there for me when I laughed, because I've cheered my worst days, I'll take silly photos demented We, the evenings that make me listen to Justin Bieber , go to the cinema to see any movie, for you to be happy for you to be comfortable, because if I have to make fans of that I do, but you know that just for you, for my sister, the girl I most matters in this world, because there is nobody like you. Because you are with whom I shared more, which I could tell you everything without fear to tell it to anyone, because you are my sister and before you there is nobody.
'll Put demented again I tell you, remember a lot from my lot because I will remember you, Have a blast, get lots of pictures for me, to see how big and precious it is, to know that you're still just as beautiful!
I love you sister:)

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