miércoles, 27 de abril de 2011

I love you

I have to say I love you fear lest you tell me one I do not. Because all I'm feeling for you is true, I had never felt what I feel, not why but I love you.
Know that I love you like I had never loved anyone, I'm glad the thought that those close to me, to you I'm happy without you I'd do not, because every time I'm wrong you're by my side because I love to tell me that you will always be by my side, everyone has bad days, that day I abrazastes you made me feel the happiest girl in the world.
Thanks to you I have learned many things that I love every time I say you never look at you (and I'm looking at a full hour), I say I love you, you looked at me and see that this crying and Bengue hug me dry your tears, you tell me the ugliest girl passing by is the most beautiful of all, make me feel like a princess.
I love you

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